Take a step into our special conversation with NYC based creator of literary and visual art Ciani Jayde(she/her) as we talk about her creative process, the queer POC lens she used in her fictitious narratives, and much more! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
“Love what you do; do what you love.” 
- Wayne W. Dyer 

Q: “How did you get into your craft and artistry? When did you start your creative journey?” 

Ciani Jayde: My creative journey started in my childhood, evolving with me as time went on. What started as metaphors, similes, and comma heavy descriptions of all I could sense . . . Became saturated pieces of everything my imagery, personification, and prose could only dream of capturing in full.

Q: “You mention in your artist statement that your ‘fictitious narrative focus(es) on the queer POC lens in an array of genres’ can you tell us more about those genres and this focus that you include in your work?” 

Ciani Jayde: “I love writing about vulnerability in the Coming of Age / New Adult categories. Penning intimacy in it’s rawest romantic forms, the drama of distinguishing [it] from what’s platonic, and the thrill of dancing those blurred lines in between. There’s so much learning and unlearning, relearning, that BIPOC undergo — especially when queer.  It alters the way we communicate, experience, view, accept, and nurture relationships.” 

Q:“When starting a new project what is your favorite part of the creative process?” 

Ciani Jayde: “My favorite part of the creative process is knowing when to take a break. Sometimes frustration gets the best of me, even impatience when creating — knowing when to step away and allowing myself [the] time to appreciate what I created thus far.” 

Q: “Where is your favorite place to create?” 

Ciani Jayde: “Surrounded by some shade of green, hands down the best. It’s a color that reminds me of life, growth, warmth, and comfort.Whether it’s a sunny afternoon in my sage green kitchen, cornered in my make shift art studio with viney house plants, blanketed under a canopy of trees, or having a cold cup of matcha nearby.” 

Q: You mention that your canvases are inspired by ‘women, intuition, nature and movement,’ would you beagle to speak to that a bit more? What made these things become of inspiration to you? 

Ciani Jayde: “There’s a softest to the female form that equates to movement to me; the dips and curves, dimpled skin, thin hairs, marks from age and elasticity; evidence of laugh and life. It’s a beautiful thing to appreciate in person then express on canvas from the most sensual to mundane delicate ways. . . Nature influences my naming of work and decisions made with intuitive movement. I’m often inspired by crystals, patterns within them, distinctive lines and breaks in minerals. Plants and animals, life itself, elements; they play a continuous role in my creative output.As for intuition . . . I follow my gut with color picking and placement, even more so with the gold signature. The truest plan I ever have is a sketch and canvas size.”

Q: Do you have any tips for aspiring artists and creatives? 

Ciani Jayde: I do ! First tip is don’t call yourself a begin, just begin ! Everyone starts somewhere.
Second, is practice. Make your mistakes until they're no longer, or an intentional choices in style. Ask for help with no fear; step out of your comfort; tackle what seems like the hardest thing (make it the easiest thing there is).
Third, enjoy the process ! Don't be too hard on yourself if it's isn't an exact copy. Give yourself room to create and recreate with adaptability. 
Be intentional ! 
Be free !
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